DAW Audio Composition Project


During this project I learned a lot on how I could mix my project in LogicProX. I now know that EQing out the high end can help the song sound a lot cleaner. The crazy thing about this song is that I sat down for around five hours and just created.

Audio File Formats and Definitions

AIFF (Audio Interchange File Format): stores standard CD-quality audio; similar to WAV (Higher Quality)

WAV (Waveform Audio File Format): CD audio; can be saved with different sampling and bit rates; similar to AIFF (Higher Quality)

MP3 (Audio File): Used to store audiobooks and music on a hard drive; Close to CD-quality sound; the higher quality sound comes from higher bit rates which also take up more storage space

MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface): music data: notes played, when notes are played, how long each note is played, and the velocity of each note played; used to be able to exchange and use information between software and hardware programs; no actual audio data

All the audio file format information is found at: fileinfo.com

Song Used As Template

Logic Tracks

My Composition

What I Learned & Problems I Solved

  • I learned how to mix better. My song is sounding pretty decent on my big speaker.
  • My friends audio interface was only picking up half of the input. (it was only coming out of the left side as if we panned it.) We later figured out that his new audio interface needed software to customize it. It was apparently common for that particular interface to be weird out of the box. I don’t have a tutorial for this one because my friends dad helped us.
  • Tutorials that I constantly learn from are
  • Ocean Beats

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